The LA Actor's Journey!

As an actor that's coming from another country or state,

you might be asking yourself,

  • What are the real chances of making it in Hollywood?
  • How long does it usually take to book my first job after landing in LA?
  • Can I book jobs without having an agent or manager?
  • How do I master my connecting skills?
  • How do I operate like a PRO in Hollywood?
  • How hard is it to get an agent or manager?
  • How do I sort out my working visa?
  • Do I need to be an already established actor in my country or my state to make it in Hollywood?
  • How do I create a strategy and believe this is the right path for me?
  • If I don't have any acting experience in the past, but I want to move to LA, what are the chances of me making it?
  • How do I nail my auditions to get booked for jobs?
  • How do I approach representatives and make them want to work with me?
  • How do I build resilience and create opportunities?


This course offers the opportunity to learn from an experienced actor with years of first-hand experience. You'll gain valuable tips and tricks that typically take years to acquire, saving you both time and money.

Don't wait to get discovered; create your own way.

  • Take charge of your success and create your own path without waiting to be discovered.

  • Each day presents an opportunity to improve your acting skills, enhance your relationships, and become a better version of yourself.

  • Create your own content rather than waiting to get booked for your next role.

  • Auditions are usually a test for you to see what you can achieve and act accordingly.

  • Not always the best actor books the job.
  • Learn to think like a casting director, director, or producer.

  • Learn how to market yourself.

  • Actors usually think that once they land in LA, they will make it within the first year, but this journey is a marathon.

  • Don’t rely on your resume. If you’re already an established actor with a long resume in your home country, don’t think you will automatically have better chances of an audition.

  • Be ready to knock on the same doors many times and get a negative answer.

  • Don’t rely only on your reps to get a job or an audition.

Get the Insider Secrets of How to Succeed as a Foreign Actor in LA

From a Seasoned PRO!

Knowledge Will Save You Time and Money

As another foreign actor coming to LA, I had to go through the same hardships and experiences throughout the years to learn and be able to pass the knowledge to you.

The knowledge that will save you time, money, and energy regarding this journey.

The Early Days of Being an Actor in LA

When I landed in LA in ‘99, I didn't know anybody, had no connections, and started from scratch.

There was no internet, and as an actor, I didn't have the tools to create my own content or promote myself.

The Importance of Tech Tools for Actors

Nowadays, an actor can use technological tools and speed up the process of being noticed or discovered.

All she/he needs to do is to put the pieces of the puzzle together.


Your Course Content

In this course, you will learn to use tools and create your content.

You will open up your mind and truly become part of this city.

You will also be able to create your plan according to your budget and time.

Remember, this a journey that, whether you decide to stay for a long time or a short period, will make you evolve as an actor, as a human, and as a friend.

I promise that if you follow and apply everything, this course offers, your inner wealth will expand, creating more opportunities in your work field.


The LA Actor's Journey:

A Comprehensive Course on Moving to LA

and Achieving Acting Excellence

Your Teacher

Christos Vasilopoulos was born and raised in Athens, Greece.

He started acting as a professional stage actor at 17 and continued to work while studying at the Drama School of Athens, “Iasmos.”

Christos continued to work for 14 years at the theater. He was part of the National Theater of Greece for four years. He did TV and movies before deciding to transition to the US field.

Since 2009 he has worked on many tv shows, such as:

- Banshee

- The Last Ship

- Blindspot

- Warrior

- Whiskey Cavalier,

- Videogames such as “Metal Gear
Solid V: The Phantom Pain.”

- Voice-over jobs in commercials and

Apart from studying at the A.A.D.A(American Academy of Dramatic Arts )in NY in ‘99, Christos studied at the Masterclass of Ivana Chubbuck’s acting studio in LA for five years and translated with his fellow actor Yorgos Karamichos into Greek, Ivana’s best seller acting book “The Power of the Actor.”

Since 2015, Christos has been teaching acting and casting at the “Theatre of the Changes.”

Drama School in Athens, Greece, and also coaches actors from all over the world on how to have the best transition possible to LA.

He served as a marine at the Greek Special Forces, has been training in Martial Arts (TAE KWON DO and BJJ) since 1998, and he does his stunts since 2012.

Get Ready to Go After Your Dreams

Join me on a journey toward becoming a part of the Los Angeles acting world.

With this course, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence needed to transition from feeling overwhelmed to feeling ready to chase your dream.

And remember, our abilities are equal to our dreams.

If we dream and work towards the “impossible,” we might achieve the “impossible.”

Or at least get the closest we can.

A Message From Your Teacher!

"Acting is doing, so keep on doing and follow your dreams."

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Life After Taking This Course!

Complete this course and blend in with the working actors of LA.

Once you become part of this huge acting society, you will get pumped by listening to successful stories of other actors that made it in the Mecca of cinema.

You will also get inspired by everyday actors that work in other fields to build their acting careers in Hollywood.

The competition is high but always remember and this is the Top level of an actor’s career in regards to movies and Tv shows.

So dare to compete and learn with the best of the best.

Who is This Course For?

  • Aspiring Actors from all over the world that want to make the transition to LA but have no information or connections in Los Angeles.

  • Actors that have finished their drama school or theatrical studies and wanna come to LA to take extra courses and acting classes and expand their acting horizons.

  • Actors that have already come to LA in the past but didn't get the best out of this journey are planning to revisit Los Angeles.

  • Amateur Actors that Dream Big are serious about transitioning to LA.

  • Actors who may have arrived in LA recently but are facing numerous challenges.

  • American actors that have never been to LA and have zero connections or friends that can guide them for a smoother transition in Los Angeles.

Who Isn’t This Course For?

  • Working Actors that live and work in LA.


I have been working with Christos for years now. As someone who took a late step into the acting industry, I appreciate how Christos has helped me accelerate my abilities and create effective opportunities by myself. In addition to the dedication he has to make me a better actor, he is also a great resource for creative ideas and advice as it relates to the industry. He is not guessing - what makes him so unique is his expertise and experience as well as his care for the individual and his understanding of what actually matters! He makes actors feel guided, safe, supported, and extremely confident. It is special to know you have a coach in your corner who teaches you to put your best foot forward. I would not be where I am without Christos and I will always be grateful to him for helping me become the actor I am today.

Chris Mavridis


Christos has a lot of titles in my heart. A great mentor, a wonderful teacher, and a brother from another mother. He was a great mentor because he made me see my dream as a reality that I have to build with faith and hard work. A wonderful teacher because in every session, a new world was opened to me every time and a brother in my darkest hours and my brightest moments, first of all as a person and as an actor! A class with Christos it’s like hanging out with your closest person in the world.

Nikolas Politis


As an actress and acting coach, I have worked with Christos many times for many years when setting up and organizing seminars together. He is a great team player. And after so many years, a great friend. Christos as an instructor, is dedicated to teaching actors of a positive achieving mindset, goal setting, and a strategic acting career plan. Working with him is a pleasure as he is open to exchanging ideas to create and deliver high-quality teaching content, whether you are a new actor or an experienced one if your dream is to move to L A and create an acting career there, Christos is the right mentor for you. Through his knowledge and experience, you will be guided all the way until you can do it productively yourself. Moving and settling in LA is not as simple. One needs a plan. A good one! If you want to stick to your plan A and not easily find yourself in your plan B, Christos can be your new instructor for that. He is focused on making your plan A work if you really want it! Even more, you will meet the person with a constant smile on his face and great energy, plus a passionate actor who will inspire you and prove to you that all you have to do is keep working to keep moving. Cause a dream without a plan is just a wish. Christos’s got the plan for you. Let it come true!

Eleni Odysseos

Actor, Acting Coach

This masterclass is a must for anyone who wishes to pursue acting in Los Angeles. Whether you come from another country or another state in the US, the amount of time, money, and energy you need to invest can be much more precise and strategic with Christos’ guidance. An actor with a lot of experience and for as long as I've known him and worked with him (more than a decade) is always open to giving and help to young actors. I strongly suggest this masterclass that can shed light on your first steps in the industry.

Konstantinos Mousoulis


“ Christos is one of our dearest collaborators at Red Stage Theatre for more than a decade now. He has delivered quite a number of seminars with us, both on-site work and live online. Seminars on acting and on step-by-step planning, from casting to the first take! Incredible information that would save actors years and dollars if they would do that alone without any support. Following Christos’s consultation on planning your acting career for moving to LA brings you halfway through closer to your dream and goals. What makes him unique is that he is a charismatic instructor who delivers knowledge and advice to actors generously and with personal care. With Christos, you will very soon find your identity in the acting business anywhere in the world. He’s been there, is good at it, and is sharing it. We are happy that through our collaboration with Christos, actors have been inspired to start or re-start a successful and evolving journey in the acting and cinematic industry. “

Red Stage Theater